I just got my copy and started going through it…. I must say it is a very good investment, I definitely recommend… You just save me a good amount of time doing research…

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One of the first guides to Trump’s newly enacted tax plan

Noted tax expert and award-winning tax author Eva Rosenberg, EA,  presents one of the first-guides to President Trump’s newly enacted tax plan providing individual taxpayers with a road-map to making the most out of this massive tax reform

This book provides a detailed summary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act all in one place. It includes ways to get around some of the new restrictions. You will learn how to deal with IRS notices, and how to catch up if you haven’t filed tax returns for many years.  

More than that, it also includes ways to make money, and how to handle the tax issues in the sharing economy. 

Chapters 1 and 2 provide a plain English overview of what’s new and how it will affect individual taxpayers as well as the larger goals of tax reform

The rest of the book features nearly 300 tax tips that will provide specific instructions on how to take advantage of the new tax law bonus chapter how to respond to IRS notices and what to do if you haven’t failed tax returns for a year or more

BONUS chapter on what to do when you get those dreaded IRS notices – or if you haven’t file tax returns in several years.

Should you prepare your own tax return or not? Tips on how to decide, where to get free tax preparation, and how to find the ideal tax professional for you, if you need one.

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